Alex Maceda

Alex Maceda (b.1989) is a Filipina-American artist and writer living in Joshua Tree, CA. Her energetic abstract work and lyrical writing explores the medial spaces between waking and dreaming, reality and imagination, literal and abstract. She is particularly inspired by changing light and her desert landscape, as well esoteric, shamanic, and spiritual themes.

Alex’s paintings have appeared in shows across the US including LA, Portland, Joshua Tree and Miami. She has self-produced solo presentations in San Francisco and Joshua Tree. Alex was a resident artist at Saga Residency (Iceland), Willow House (TX) and Sunlit Ranch (NM). Her piece, “purple is a late blooming color,” was nominated for a Pushcart Prize for writing in 2020.

Alex was one of the first traditional abstract artists to enter the NFT space; over 3000 unique NFTs of her work have been collected. Her abstract generative project ALTARS explored the space between canvas and code.

She holds a BA in Classical Studies and Studio Art from Dartmouth College and an MBA from Stanford Graduate School of Business. Alex is a dedicated student of yoga, meditation and Amazonian plant medicines. She was raised in between the San Francisco Bay Area and Manila, Philippines.


adding my color to the desert (self-portrait)

from dreams i had of flowers 

(desert willow in the moonlight)

speaking to my sister (agave)