Shreya Delgado-Shah

Shreya Delgado-Shah first fell in love with Joshua Tree (unceded Cahuilla, Chemehuevi & Serrano land) while passing through from Oakland, CA (unceded Ohlone territory). Shreya kept coming back through the years with their partner- until one day they knew they couldn’t leave.

Shreya is a South Asian, queer, disabled, femme interdisciplinary artist, healer and facilitator. Shreya’s primary artforms are in watercolor and ink, collage, paper cut out, and photography. Shreya has also shared stories, through film, installation, textile, poster design, and sound. Shreya loves to collaborate on projects with other like-minded/hearted artists.

Shreya’s work often explores radical joy, trauma healing, courageous collective transformation, break through false binaries ( including falsely being separate from nature), queerness, and finding “home”. Their work has been shown in the Queer Arts Festival”s Discendents Show; Mangoes With Chili Grand Closing Performance; Milk Thistle Gallery, QWOCMAP film Festival; EdenPride Fashion Show; 

SRLP’s Small Works for Big Change Show, Creative Wildfire’s Call for a Just Transition  ( with Cooperative Media Journal), and beyond.

For more than 12 years, Shreya’s project, Saltwater Liberation, has helped strengthen social movement and cultural change work for the long-haul in the U.S. and internationally. Shreya is proud to have launched the “Artists for Radical Imagination” network in the early 2023- a growing community of social movement graphic artists across the States.

There Is / Will Be Nobody Like You

4 x 4" 

watercolor, ink 


Love Takes Off the Masks

11 X 14"

watercolor and ink 


A message from Datura to Humans

12 x 12"

paper & crepe cut out


Henna Heart Wisdom

8 x 10

ink, digital


Grief Healing Herbs

12 x 12"

watercolor, gouache, ink


Transformation by Way of Seed

11 x 17"

gouache, ink & digital


You're Worth the Wait

12 x 12"

acrylic, collage, paper cut out


Finding Your Way, to Stay 

4 x 4 "

watercolor, ink