Quisha Henderson

Quisha D. Henderson is a mother of two daughters and a former military spouse. She and her family were stationed in Twentynine Palms in 2016. The community's uniqueness and love for the arts captivated her and helped revive her natural creativity.

Quisha began drawing and painting at a young age and took high school art classes which propelled her to study Architecture at Woodbury University. Yet, after careful reflection, she changed her major to business, and art, fell by the wayside. However, within her first year of living in 29 Palms, she was inspired by the craft fairs and events that supported local artists. She began creating again. Quisha used whatever was around her to express feelings that words could not describe. She used her daughter's chalk and black paper as her medium. But she faced a dilemma, the dimensions of her artwork was uncommon. So, she couldn't find frames to display her art. Yet, her ingenuity gravitated her towards the old moving boxes stored in their garage. Then boom, an idea was formed. She fell in love with the idea of turning what others consider as trash, into lasting wall art.  Quisha began using cardboard to a create frames which then led her to use cardboard as her medium and canvas. She has created landscapes but is most fond of her mask collection she created using cardboard. The masks reflect the heritage and spiritual beliefs of indigenous people of America and beyond.

In addition, Quisha paints and uses collage to add layers to her paintings. The use of various mediums allows her to create expressive, unique wall and decorative art. Her paintings are  inspired by love, relationships, and fun. Quisha has one said, " I enjoy telling my stories through paint and collage." 

You can view and purchase her artwork online at ( Quisha Danae (@quisha_danaeart) • Instagram photos and videos)

Currently, she displays her artwork in the gift shop at the Glass Outhouse Art Gallery (The Glass Outhouse Art Gallery | Twentynine Palms CA | Facebook) in 29 Palms. She assists with managing the gallery, coordinating monthly art shows, and designing whimsical art installations on the property. Quisha also spent four years as a Public Arts Advisory Committee board member for the city of 29 Palms. 

Lastly, Quisha is a writer. She created a blog called BreatheThrough (BreatheThrough – Medium) on the Medium platform. There she shares life lessons with hopes of inspiring someone. BreatheThrough are stories about her journey of working toward becoming a master at something, rather than a generalist. She reveals her vulnerabilities, such as lack of commitment. Each story explores her thoughts and shows growth. Quisha believes that many can relate to the things she writes about. Follow her journey as she makes a conscious effort to actualize her dream to be a thriving artist.